Fix Your Overhead Press

Fix Your Overhead Press

The overhead press is one of my favorite movements. Our 12 Week Programming Options focus on increasing the weight of 4 compound movements: Squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press. Our overhead press is programmed to build upper body muscle and support the bench press. Check out our video on How to Overhead Press, with MegSquats.

Here are 3 fixes to common mistakes I see in this movement from beginners. We also have a video on these tips specifically that you can check out here.

1. Set your rack height higher

Set your rack height high so that you can turn your lats on under the barbell and unrack in your pressing position. I sometimes see lifters begin their press with the barbell racked as if they are going to front squat, and rest the bar on their shoulder muscles. Avoid this and unrack the barbell with your wrists straight, forearms vertical and elbows just a smidge in front of the barbell.

2. Rest at the top

Take your breath at the top of your rep, the same way you would a squat. You'll get a bounce out of the bottom so you can complete more reps, and maintain good form throughout the movement.

3. Tuck your chin - Keep a straight bar path

Press the bar in a vertical line from your shoulders to the overhead position and tuck your chin. Don't try to move the barbell out of the way of your head. With a slight upper back arch and tucked chin, you'll avoid knocking yourself out.