Get the Most Out of Online Coaching

Get the Most Out of Online Coaching

The internet has gifted many of us the opportunity to work with any coach from anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of simply choosing the most jacked personal trainer at your neighborhood gym. Prices for program design and feedback are more affordable than in-person training, and you can choose which coach is best suited for keeping you consistent and motivated to kick a$$ in the gym.

Since we often don't get to see our coaches daily, it is important that we, as clients (yes, I'm a coach AND a client), meet our coaches halfway to ensure we are progressing and that their plans are effective. Here are a few guidelines to follow when working with a coach online:

Any coach's sole purpose is to get you closer to your goals. Before even reaching out, clarify your goals with yourself, and ensure that your coach's expertise aligns with those goals. For myself and the Strong Strong Friends team, we help people get strong, build muscle, and lose fat.

For strength coaching, you'll begin the relationship by having a clear understanding of what your best lifts look like. Know off hand what your best ever 1RM, 3RM, or 5RM for compound movements are, and also have an understanding of what you could hit on any given day. Realize the difference between your best ever lift and something that you can hit without a doubt any day of the week. This is known as your daily minimum. On our team, we program around a daily minimum so that we can account for the worst of days and push ourselves on the best of them.

The preparation stage will also require you to put together more information in regards to your lifting history, any injuries or setbacks you've experienced, or preferences with lifting so that your coach can tailor a program for you. You'll also want to have an idea of how many days per week you can train, and how much time you have in the gym per day.

Once you get started, be proactive and reach out if you have any questions, or aren't able to complete what's planned for you. Perhaps you misjudged your best 1RM, and now you have an impossible program (try not to do this!). You've hired a coach who is there to adapt your training protocol around your response to it.

You're never bothering a coach by reaching out. You are literally paying them for their attention and expertise, so don't hesitate if you think that things aren't working for you. It's common to make program adjustments to a program because every athlete will respond differently to different training variables. While a lot of athletes respond well to high volume training blocks, some just don't. Let your coach know how things are moving, if you're failing, or if things are too easy.

Stick to the Plan:
Again, you're literally paying your coach for their attention and expertise - so don't stray from the plan. When a coach designs a training plan, it is designed to help you make progress, and any more or less work than that design may set you back or cause injury. Coaches program with recovery in mind, so don't undermine their expertise.

Regardless of with whom you work, trust that your coach is committed to getting the most out of your online training experience.

Personally speaking, my team and I have chosen to coach because we're inspired to get lifters results and dedicated to making the world a stronger place. Follow these tips, and watch your lifts go up and your coach/athlete relationship grow.

Have you decided that you're ready to try online coaching? Our next session of Be More-90 Days of Strength opens on Monday and I would love to have you join. We have athletes from all over the world on our team and build a community that gets you 1-on-1 programming, 1-on-1 weekly lifting feedback, and a group dynamic that makes each week more exciting and motivating than the last.