How To Make Your Nutrition Work for You

How To Make Your Nutrition Work for You

Here's my current physique after one solid month of having a regular schedule and the means to prepare my own food.

I have been eating out 90% less, getting better and more consistent sleep, as well as getting in better and more consistent training sessions - basically I have been able to focus on training, eating, and "doing it all right."

My body reflects the change noticeably. Meals were timed based on workouts and I was able to take my regular My Proteinsupplements. Toward the end of my trip, the impact of daily breakfast burritos was evident (more so with frequent beach days in SoCal). I was dying for a break. #toughlife I know.

Recently I've had to come to terms with the fact that my life will never be '”regular.” Running my business will always be more important than having the perfect diet or perfect training cycle. I'm sure there are people who can be 100% compliant while traveling and running a business, but I'm just not one of them.

I will admit that I'm lucky I carved out a period of my life for complete fitness obsession (did I just type that?). It was a disordered period of time, but it was also an opportunity to learn how to properly measure food and count macros so that I can now guesstimate what I'm eating, no matter where I am. It makes the craziness manageable, and now my diet won't set me back every trip. I remember spending a week away from home used to ALWAYS = weight gain, and the anxiety would follow.

If you find you're in a position where you're ready for a change and really taking the plunge to prioritize fat loss or muscle gain right now: TAKE IT.No, like really, take the next step so you don't spend another year clueless about what to eat. You needn’t get obsessed to the point of developing disordered habits, but taking time to learn how to eat to reach your fitness goals IS valuable.

I've used RP Strength to not only teach me what to eat, but to also tell me HOW to eat. You owe it to yourself to learn how to make nutrition work for you. Go with the templates, or just check out one of the eBooks. I promise it will help. Use code “MEG10” for 10% off any template or ebook.