Strong Strong Friends Training Manual

$ 37.00
  • Strong Strong Friends Training Manual
  • Strong Strong Friends Training Manual
  • Strong Strong Friends Training Manual
  • Strong Strong Friends Training Manual
  • Strong Strong Friends Training Manual

Strong Strong Friends Training Manual

$ 37.00

This training manual consists of 80 pages written by Megsquats and Strong Strong Friends. Learn the fundamentals of what to wear, what equipment you need, and a comprehensive explanation of the setup and execution of the squat, bench and deadlift. Each chapter covers proper hand position, foot width, foot angle, elbow position, breath, depth, safety and more.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - Bracing
  • Chapter 2- How to Squat
  • Chapter 3 - How to Bench
  • Chapter 4 - How to Deadlift
  • Chapter 5 - Common Mistakes in the Squat
  • Chapter 6 - Common Mistakes in the Bench
  • Chapter 7 - Common Mistakes in the Deadlift
  • Chapter 8 - Squat Variations
  • Chapter 9 - Bench Variations
  • Chapter 10 - Deadlift Variations
  • Chapter 11 - Self Talk
  • Chapter 12 - How to Warm Up for a 1RM

The Training Manual from Megsquats and Strong Strong Friends when it’s available on April 23rd. 




  • Q: Will you review my technique with this option?
    A: The strength program option does not include video technique feedback. Please do not send in videos with your info sheet.

    Q: How long will it take you to put together my program?
    A: The average turn-around time is 4-7 business days from when you send us your information. If you have not sent in your information, you will not receive feedback from SSF until you do so. 

    Q: I didn't receive the download sheet. What do I do?
    A: Check your email. If you still don't have the attachment email

    Q: When can I start the program?
    A: You can start the program as soon as you receive it

    Q: Can I pay in monthly increments?
    A: Yes. Check out our month-to-month coaching option

    Q: Something happened and I can't train. Can I have a refund?
    A: Since we've already given you access to client only videos and have provided a customized 3-month program, we are not able to issue a refund. For athletes experiencing injuries, please email us directly and we can find something to work around your injury, or modify your program for when you are cleared by a physician to pursue strength training. For this, we must receive both a note from a physician on your initial injury, as well as a clearance note.


  • Danielle Strange |  Age: 24 | Seneca Falls, NY
    with Strong Strong Friends since July 2016
    Starting Squat: 295lbs x 2 | Current Squat: 424lbs
    Starting Bench: 120lbs | Current Bench: 187lbs
    Starting Deadlift: 295lbs x 3 | Ending Squat: 407lbs

    I love the personality that I saw in all of megs videos, she is very genuine! Espeically in a world were online coaching has turned into seeing how much money people can make by giving people bad and generic programming. Every single program is custom to the lifter and what their goals are, weather that is just to get strong AF, to do a meet, or to just to begin lifting.  She has something for everyone and I wanted to work with someone that was actually going to answer my questions and give me the time of day while getting me stronger.  

    Rachel Kiefer | Age: 32 | Baltimore, MD
    12 Week Program Athlete
    Starting Squat: 225lbs | End of program squat: 250lbs
    Starting Bench: 135 | End of program bench: 150
    Starting Deadlift: 270lbs | End of program deadlift: 295
    I'm much more confident in all of my lifts. I've always had a pretty strong fear of failing and this program has essentially forced me to overcome that. Just getting past that mental block has made a big difference in being able to go for a little more and push myself for another rep. My squat depth is better, my bench is more confident and I just feel like a more confident lifter all around. And bros ask me to spot them now, so I feel badass for that. 

    Natalie Falbo | Age: 21 | Orlando, FL 
    12 Week Program Athlete
    Starting Squat: 155lbs x 5 | Current Squat: 175lbs x 3x2
    Starting Bench: 70lbs x 5 | Current Bench: 85lbs x 3x4
    Starting Deadlift: 175lbs x 5 | Ending Squat: 225lb 1RM

    I have been following Megan on social media for about 1.5 years before getting her programming. I had gone through a bikini prep and towards the end I started watching her videos. Her humor and approach to training was great and relatable. I was like " I wanna be as strong as that, thats bad-ass". The diet life was tough for me and having veery little thing I did rotate around my physique gave me a bit of body dysmorphia for sure. I started focusing on strength progress and the results were coming quick and I was much more motivated to get back in the gym, although I did not have much of a direction. I got the program to give me that direction. The delivery Megan and Ryan approach training and how they teach others is a system that worked really well for me when I saw it for the first time.






    Christina Mondon | Age: 22 | Fort Collins, CO
    12 Week Program Athlete
    Starting Squat: 175lbs | End Squat: 220lbs
    Starting Bench: 75lbs | Current Bench: 115lbs
    Starting Deadlift: 215lbs | Ending Squat: 260lbs

    I had been following Meg on social media for a while and when I finally decided to compete in a powerlifting meet, I knew I wanted her to create my first program because she is super strong!  I had so much fun during this program and made some serious gains.