Do you watch my videos and think “Sure I’d love to get strong, but have no idea where to start”?

Are you currently on a basic program, but bored or not getting any stronger?

Would you like access to the very same strength programming theory and plan I use?

For the first time ever, I’m offering my Strong Strong Friends customized powerlifting programming and coaching. 

I’m not going to talk about getting ripped or lean on my plan. We are both already tired of hearing that bullshit anyway. If you’re reading this, it is very likely that we are on the same page. You and I both know that building muscle and strength is the first step to body recomposition. We also recognize that muscles=good and more muscle usually means less fat. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about getting strong…

Don’t worry I won’t slap you...yet.

Story time: When I was a beginner, I went through a glorious stage full of beginner gains. You’ve heard of those right? It’s when you decide to lift one day, and the next few weeks and months are a blissful state of upward progression. You are getting better and stronger and you can see it in the mirror and in your strength numbers.

I know that phase well, and I miss it so dearly. You see, I made a few mistakes when I first started training. The biggest, was that I didn’t build my strength base properly. I sort of blew my load way too early. I can never go back, but I can prevent you from doing the same thing. 

I’m going to stop you from doing this like I did all the time :-)

I want to work with you so you don’t make the mistakes I did, but get to do all the cool shit strong people do. Think weighted pull-ups, heavy deadlifts, never having to ask a guy to open a sticky jar for you again. 

My 12-week program is completely customized to you and your goals. We will take a look at your training experience and preferences to provide a plan that will build strength and muscle. The program is complete with:

  • Initial review of compound lifts (I’m going to watch you lift, and provide some initial feedback)
  • 12-Weeks of a guided training plan
  • Access to private Megsquats videos (links available only to members)
  • First to hear about 1-on-1 coaching opportunities in the future



No matter your preference, each custom program will be designed to build both strength and muscle. Depending on what you want to focus on, you can choose to prioritize the following:

  • Build muscle with a hypertrophy focus (remember when I was doing those sets that left me out of breath? Yeah… those). The higher rep ranges will be less specific to getting ready for a heavy 1-rep max, but this program will accumulate the most volume. If you’re just getting started or far out
  • Develop strength and refining technique by focusing on the powerlifts and accumulating volume.
  • Peak we use a linear block periodization for lifters looking to prep for a meet or retest their 1 rep max at the end of the cycle

Who is this program for?

Beginner Lifters

You’ve never run a strength progression, but you understand the fundamentals for the movements squat, bench, deadlift. No you don’t have to be perfect at them. Hell, I’m looking at my technique every day. Don’t worry, we will teach you how to be a student of the sport, and pass along resources that will get everyone on Instagram commenting on what nice form you have. You have access to a squat rack, bench press, barbells and weights. 

Lifters switching to Powerlifting

You’re comfortable in the gym, but have previously been training with general or aesthetic goals. You’re my favorite! You are crossing over to my side thank God. Also you probably have a lot of developed muscle. We can use the muscle mass and general preparation you already have to accumulate volume in the specific powerlifting movements. Soon you’ll brag about your raw total, while still mproving the physique you’ve been working for. Don’t worry, we always have bicep curls programmed. ALWAYS.

Intermediate to Advanced Lifters

You’ve run a linear progression and either aren’t making any more progress or are bored out of your mind. Maybe you’ve been linearly progressing already, or have run some kind of strength progression you’ve found on the internet. Let’s switch things up and see what we can do to address your weaknesses and give you a more customized plan.