Customized Programs (3 Months Up Front - $120)
Our 12 week programs are great for lifters of all experience levels. Since this option is fully customized, this is the package to purchase for beginners looking to get to the next step, powerlifters who need customized help peaking for their next (or first) meet, or intermediate to advanced hypertrophy or strength focused programs. Learn more about 12 Week Programs for Women or 12 Week Programs for Men.

Customized Month-to-month Programming ($80/month)
Whether you're new to strength training, or a seasoned competitor, our monthly programming option will track and adjust your protocol to best align with your long term goals and progress. This is a great option for customized, guided meet peaking protocol, where lifters receive monthly check-ins to monitor progress, make proper adjustments to programming, and discuss meet day attempts and strategy. Check out our monthly programming option here.

Extended Pull-Up Program ($30)
Our suite of general programs and guides is constantly growing. Our most popular general program, the 12 Week Extended Pull-Up program is designed to be used in conjunction with another program, or alone to get lifters to finally achieve their first pull-up.

Be More Program: Offered Seasonally
Our top notch offer, Be More is 1-on-1 attention with not only Megsquats, but a TEAM of certified and experienced coaches and athletes. You get direct access to Meg on a weekly basis, 90 days of customized programming, the best nutrition program in the strength industry, 12 weeks of lifting feedback, and more. Click here to learn more about Be More and sign up for more information.

Infinite Strength: For Be More Graduates Only
Infinite Strength is a long-term coaching package offered only for athletes who have completed the 90 Day Be More program. This offer includes everything in the Be More package, plus MORE weekly technique feedback. Lifters also have access to regular mock meets, seminars hosted by Megsquats, platform coaching and more.