Join our hundreds of successful competitors in our Meet Prep option, where you're offered a custom peaking program to prepare you for a specific meet, get monthly check-ins to reflect on progress and a final consultation to determine a thorough and clear meet plan.

Strong Strong Friends Peaking Programming
You will be billed $60.00 USD


With our recurring billing peaking option, you get a thorough package that consists of:

  • Initial consultation to understand your meet goals and competitive plans, full understanding of training and competition history to come up with a plan that has you beating your last total
  • Monthly, customized peaking protocol (minimum of 3 months)
  • Programming check-ins to track progress, and make proper adjustments
  • Final consultation to determine platform attempts and plan A and B strategies

Who is this option for?

  • Lifters who aren't competing, but looking for a more guided approach to retesting new 1 rep-maxes.
  • First Time Competitors
  • Intermediate or Advanced Powerlifters
  • Competitors Who Need Expert Guidance to the Platform

Instead of prepping with a free option or training cycle, go into your next meet with several check-ins to ensure that you're making progress and prepared to perform your best. This option includes check-ins at the end of every 4 weeks to monitor programming progress and peaking plan. Also included is a final prep 1.5 - 2 weeks outWe'll include Week 3 and Week 7 check-ins and a final prep 1.5 to 2 weeks out from your meet to provide peaking advice and a Plan A and B for meet day attempts and preparations.

How does it work?
After opting for the payment plan option through Paypal, please refer to the redirect page that will have a download link for an intake form. Fill out the form, and return it to the listed coaching email address on the form. With that information, I'll create a customized program based on your previous meet history, training age, meet goals, weekly schedule preferences, etc. Please note that this process does take time, and our turn-around time is between 4-7 days. 

If you have purchased a program and did not get redirected, or lost the link, please email us at

Do I get my full program up front?
Check in with your coach at the end of Week 3 of each programming block. This step is important. YOU MUST check-in with your coach so that we can monitor progress and set you up to move forward. Set calendar alarms to remind yourself to send an update email so that you receive your program on time.

How many months is this program for?
Your intake form will ask about your competition date, or the day you would like to retest your new 1RM. Please note, the minimum for this program is 3 months. We can program for you pre, post, and off season, just be sure to let us know in your off season. 


Strong Strong Friends Peaking Programming
You will be billed $60.00 USD