Where do I start?
If you're interested in coaching, we recommend reading this entire page, and check out our Testimonials to learn more about our athlete success stories. We offer a ton of freebies for 4 week program samples or guides to get a feel for how we coach and program. If you're ready, check out our customized coaching packages to get a program designed just for you.

If you're here looking for swag, check out our store.


What program should I buy?
Our most popular option is the Customized 12 Week Strength Program. This gives you a completely bespoke training plan catered to your strength, preferences, training age, and goal. This option does not include weekly check-ins or technique feedback. 

If you're ready for bespoke programming AND technique feedback, check out our Be More Program. This option is open to lifters of all experience levels who are ready to join Meg and her team for 3 months of custom programming, weekly check-ins, and an inspiring group community to keep you motivated and on track with your goals. This is not group coaching. Feedback and programming are 1-on-1, but communication is held in a private Facebook group where we learn from not only our progress, but the progress of others. You get weekly check-ins, weekly lessons in video and written form about strength training (how to squat, how to bench, how to deadlift, and more), and weekly Facebook Live sessions to join in on and ask Meg questions real time. 

Be More is only open a few times during the year, but if you're interested, you can sign up to be on the list for first dibs for next session. If the next session is in a few months and you need programming now, we recommend to start with a 12 Week Strength Program, and we can design your program accordingly.


When I buy a coaching package, what happens next?
As soon as you've finished your check out, you'll get an automatic download intake form. This will also be sent to the email you've provided. If you didn't receive the download sheet, email programming@strongstrongfriends.com 

Fill out all the information and follow the submit directions on your intake sheet. We're taking all of your information and designing a program that best suits you. This takes some time. Your coach will email your program within 4-7 days from when you submit your information. If you have not sent in your information, you will not receive feedback from SSF until you do so.


Do I have to pay in advance?
Program only options require the athlete to pay in advance for the entire training plan. Be More program options are billed monthly.


What if I'm not a competitive athlete, and just want to get stronger?
Our clients include everyone from competitive powerlifters prepping for nationals to first timers who are just getting familiar in the gym. We refer to our clients as lifters or athletes because we take your goals seriously and coach accordingly. 


Can I get a sample program?
Our company mission is to get a barbell in more hands and make the world a stronger place. While we can't provide customized sample programs for everyone, we have plenty of Free Resources that you can use to get started for no cost. Run our deadlift program, pull-up add on, or bro-gram. 


What do I do after my program? 
Strength is not a 4, 8, or 12 week challenge. We encourage lifters to continue on with their strength progression even after finishing a the hard work of a long-term program. Continuing clients are eligible for 2nd time around discounts, so be sure to email programming@strongstrongfriends.com to ask about options.


Who am I working with?
Meg Squats, and Ryan Espiritu, both hold USAPL Club Coach certifications and have programmed and coached hundreds of lifters through their first meet, first squat, or first national competition. Strong Strong Friends also sources a team of coaches and experts to guide athletes across all of our offerings. Our Be More program consists of three coaches who cover all athletes, ensuring programming is clear, technique feedback is thorough, and attention to detail is high. 

Those coaches have in-person training experience, are competitive athletes at the national or international level, and hold accreditation from governing bodies including USAPL, NSCA, Crossfit, and YogaWorks. 

We also partner with companies like Renaissance Periodization to provide athletes with diet and nutrition plans that are created by professors, doctors, dietitians, and world champions.


Who should I contact with questions about billing?
Please contact us at info@strongstrongfriends.com for any questions related to coaching or programming billing. For any apparel or accessory purchases, use our customer service email meglistens@gmail.com