At Strong Strong Friends, our mission is to get more barbells in the hands of lifters, and work to make the world a stronger place. We realize that a coaching or customized programming investment is not taken lightly, and we work hard to offer free options and programs so lifters can get quality strength progressions and get a taste of our methods before spending any money. 

Ideal programs are ones that are customized to you, but thousands of athletes have run our free options with success. We recommend to run a free option if you're on the fence or in-between coaches:

Grip It & Rip It: 4 Week Deadlift Program

The Brogram: 4 Week Hypertrophy Program

Get Your First Pull-Up: Program Add-ON

We also have free guides, charts, and tools to assist in your lifting journey:

Strength Planner

Should I Compete? Decision Chart

The Ultimate Lifting Shoe Guidebook