Strong Strong Friends began at a small gym where a bunch of people came together, lifted, competed, and ate greasy cheeseburgers after. The creator of the brand, Meg, started this website to connect Strong Friends from around the world. 

The goal of Strong Strong Friends is to make strength training accessible and approachable for all people. We aim to connect others with lifting partners and coaches, pass along no bullshit information, and remind you that at the end of the day, our goal is to have fun, and get a little stronger along the way. We offer customized strength programs for men and women:



Megsquats is a powerlifter, Youtuber and strength coach in New York City. She's been making videos covering her own strength training since 2014, and her channel has grown to over 78,000 subscribers, or Strong Strong Friends, as she calls them.

What started as a training log for her own personal lifts, her YouTube channel has evolved to become a resource and platform for the strength community. Her channel features some of the strongest people in the world (Chad Wesley Smith, Jennifer Thompson, Kevin Oak, and Kim Walford to name a few) and serves as a platform where current or aspiring strength athletes can learn about great lifters and the organizations and brands that support the strength community.

Meg covers topics on steroid use, urinary stress incontinence, snagging a girlfriend who lifts, and making friends at the gym. While she loves interviewing other athletes and touchy topics in the strength world, most of Meg's content is for the average person looking to get strong. 

An established athlete in the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and USA Powerlifting (USAPL), Meg guides other athletes through the process of competing, and creates strength programs to get them strong as ever.