1-On-1 Coaching

1-On-1 Coaching

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So you're ready to take your strength seriously? Perfect. Let's get you strong...no... Strong Strong. 

Finally the world is starting to change. Men and women around the world are focusing more around strength so that they can build size and sexiness, lose fat, and also just be a f*cking badass. There are many ways to get strong, but there are only a few options for those of us who want to get strong, lose fat, compete in a powerlifting meet, and not spend endless sessions wasting our time. Your time is valuable, so I'm here to guide you, the way a true Strong Strong Friend would.

The 1-on-1 package is the most premium option to strength programming and coaching. Here's what you get:


  • Having a coach that you check in with on a regular basis places more importance on your goals. I am lucky enough to have a coach that is just as passionate about my progress as I am.
  • Lack of accountability is why most people give up. I'm going to be that voice in your head telling you that you're already strong enough to do the work and get stronger. We are in this together, and I won't let you fail. 

Form Check

  • Powerlifting is tricky. Most lifters take video of their lifts, and great lifters take the time to analyze those videos and find ways to tweak their movement patterns and improve their form.
  • We will take a look at your lifts every week on video, and talk about what you can do to get you lifting more efficiently and adding more weight on the barbell
  • There are many ways to miss a lift. After your recorded sessions, we'll take a look at your failures and find a way to avoid them. Mental failure? Let's find some mantras and positive self-talk. Technical Failure? I'll have you introduce a new warmup or cue to your session. Strength Failure? We can adjust to make sure you're hitting everything and not stalling.

Keep you Progressing

  • Have you ever ran a program and stalled on making gains? This is inevitable in every lifter’s career, but together we will find a way to linear progress for as long as possible.
  • I stopped progressing too early in my career, and I regret not properly building a strength base. I’ll analyze where you are in your gains timeline, and get you where you need to be
  • Life happens. Vacation, shitty days, unexpected schedule changes are all a part of life. We will adapt to your life, the way even the most custom of programs cannot. 

Understand what the Hell You’re Doing

  • Have you ever looked at a program template and had 1000 questions running through your head while you’re lifting? Is this working? Am I getting stronger? Is this too light? Who am I!? 
  • I’ve been there, questioning my own existence before, don’t worry. My plan is to help you understand the programming, and WHY we are doing what I plan for you. We will discuss the purpose of every day (even those rest days), and my goal will be to wrap your head around this whole ‘getting stronger’ thing 

We Are In It Together

I create strength programs with the same fundamentals I use for my own progress. I know your feels. Trust me.

I want to be your coach in getting stronger, but also in using strength to lead a fun and happy life in the gym. I understand the mental breakdowns, the form breakdowns, the fact that we all need a rest day, and that sometimes we didn’t get enough sleep.

I get it. I’m an athlete just like you.

The 1-on-1 coaching option will take our relationship to the next level and take your training to a happy and successful place.


Let’s talk to each other every week! I can’t wait to help you reach your strength/body/life goals!

**If purchasing through PayPal - Please give Meg 48hours to send you the corresponding info sheet!** After you submit the info sheet, your program will be sent to you within 5 days**


1-on-1 Coaching
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Q: How long will it take you to put together my program?
A: The current wait time is 5 days

Q: Something happened and I can't train. Can I have a refund?
A: For athletes experiencing injuries, please email us directly and we can find something to work around your injury, or modify your program for when you are cleared by a physician to pursue strength training. For this, we must receive both a note from a physician on your initial injury, as well as a clearance note to start training again.

Q: Can I pay in monthly increments?
A: Yes! Please check out using the PayPal button above. The initial payment will be $200 and then $125 per month. 


PLEASE NOTE: After purchasing, you'll be automatically directed to the info sheet download. Please fill this out and email it to Meg & Strong Strong Friends using the address and directions on the sheet. Since each program is fully customized to the individual creating the program will take some time, so please plan accordingly.

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