August Be More Retreat!

$ 160.00

    August Be More Retreat!

    $ 160.00
    $ 160.00

    OK Everyone! I hope you're ready for the retreat! This athlete charge includes everything below. Your fee here is just to cover these costs, and I'm confident that you will all have an awesome time!

    7 hours of private gym access
    We’ve rented out the space just for our group and will have a ton of room to learn, lift and have some fun.

    Hands on coaching
    Through the weekend, you’ll have a total of 4 coaches making sure that your questions are answered, and someone is watching to get you in-person critique. All three Team SSF coaches will be there: Ryan, Meg, and Lizzy, as well as assistant facilitators for the space.

    Saturday Night Party!
    All you can eat/drink and we’ll take food/drink recommendations (email us with allergies or restrictions)! We’ll have some time to party and enjoy each other for some much needed food and drinks. Both healthy and not so healthy options will be there.

    GiftBag (Over $150 Value Inside)
    Packages from Tula,, and Strong Strong Supply Co, so leave some room in your suitcase for on the way home!

    Water, Snacks, Supplements During Gym Time
    We’ve got you covered, but if you chug a gallon in a session or have some specific snack ideas, bring some extras.


    You can bring a guest should you choose! Guests are free to use the gym while we’re in our seminar, or even listen in. Unfortunately we’ll be focused on Be More lifters, so no individual technique feedback here. The fee addition also covers Saturday night party time food and drink.


    • Q: Will you review my technique with this option?
      A: The strength program option does not include video technique feedback. Please do not send in videos with your info sheet.

      Q: How long will it take you to put together my program?
      A: The average turn-around time is 4-7 business days from when you send us your information. If you have not sent in your information, you will not receive feedback from SSF until you do so. 

      Q: I didn't receive the download sheet. What do I do?
      A: Check your email. If you still don't have the attachment email

      Q: When can I start the program?
      A: You can start the program as soon as you receive it

      Q: Can I pay in monthly increments?
      A: Yes. Check out our month-to-month coaching option

      Q: Something happened and I can't train. Can I have a refund?
      A: Since we've already given you access to client only videos and have provided a customized 3-month program, we are not able to issue a refund. For athletes experiencing injuries, please email us directly and we can find something to work around your injury, or modify your program for when you are cleared by a physician to pursue strength training. For this, we must receive both a note from a physician on your initial injury, as well as a clearance note.