Your First Pull-Up Program - Extended Version

Your First Pull-Up Program - Extended Version

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For men and women that want to increase their upper body strength, and finally reach their goal of getting their 1st Pull-Up

Has 2016 left you feeling.. unfulfilled?

  • Have you spent another year in the gym without adding cool new shit to your resume? 
  • Are you lost on where to start with a basic strength training program?
  • Tired of being weak?

Let me explain why you should prioritize getting your first pull-up:

Women are strong.
We spend high school PE class hanging by the pull-up bar while the guys are required to bang out a set of 5-8. Your gym teacher may not have believed in you enough to encourage your pull-up progression, but I DO. It's time for women to shine and express their strength.
You Need to Gain muscle.
There are so many who fully neglect upper body training. Don't leave fun experiences on the table because you're too weak to lift your own bodyweight. Having the strength and muscle to perform bodyweight exercises will help carve out your arms, back and shoulders.
You Can Lose fat.
The compound movements in the program are a no-bullshit approach to lifting weights and gaining strength. The hard work you put in will burn calories and provide a progression that will guide you through the gym and have you looking forward to every workout.
It's Your Year to Be a Badass.
Trust me. There is nothing more badass than banging out a set of pull-ups. Well, jet skiing on the Miami coast is pretty bad ass, but this is right up there. Trust me. 
For most of my life, I coudn't do a pull up no matter how hard I tried.
It wasn't like I walked into the gym one day and was automatically strong.
Actually, I lifted for over a year before I could do a SINGLE pull-up. 
  •  I had no clue how to program correctly. I thought just spending time in the gym would eventually make me strong enough
  • I focused on lower body movements only 
  • I didn't track my progress
    Once I started working in a specific program, EVERYTHING changed and I was finally becoming the bad ass girl I saw in my dreams.

    I know what it's like to try day-in and day-out and still not see the gains you've wanted.

    I do think it's possible, if you put in the work, invest in a plan, and believe, that you can grow into being the type of person strong enough to perform the very bad ass, very coveted PULL-UP.
    This plan is an extension of our free version. The extended package gets you the following:
    • Upper Body Pull-Up Progression Plan with retest plan on week 12
    • Access to private Megsquats videos that explain the program, supplemental exercises, and how to read your downloadable sheet
    • Full overview of 7 different movements
    Are you ready to start your 12 Week Program?
    Get started on being the most bad ass version of yourself for only $25. 
    That's it. $25 is just a fraction of the cost of most online programs, and a small investment to making 2017 a year you'll never forget.


    Q: Is this a full body program?
    A: No. This program is dedicated solely to getting you a pull-up, so is upper-body focused. We suggest incorporating this into your current routine/training plan as complementary work to build the base required for getting your first pull-up. Don't have a full training program already in place? No worries, we got you covered.

    Q: I'm already following a full Strong Strong Friends training program - how can I incorporate this into my plan?
    A: Easy! Perform the workout on 3 non-consecutive days of lifting as part of your bro session after the primary component of your workout is completed.

    Q: What kind of equipment will I need?
    A: You will need a barbell + weights, dumbbells or kettle bells, cable machine, pull-up bar, and bands.

    Q: What computer software is necessary to view the program and associated files?
    A: The files (zipped) include 2 PDFs (with hyperlinks to private videos) as well as an Excel file (in .xlsx format). Please be certain that you are capable of accessing and viewing these formats before purchasing.

    Q: How many days a week (minimum) do I train?
    A: 3 Days/Week.

    Q: I purchased, how long before I receive my program?
    A: The program will automatically download after you confirm purchase.

    Q: I didn't receive the download sheet. What do I do?
    A: Check your email. If you still don't have the attachment, please forward a copy of your receipt to

    Q: When can I start the program?
    A: You can start the program as soon as you receive it.

    Q: Something happened and I can't train. Can I have a refund?
    A: Since we've already given you access to client only videos and have provided a 3-month program, we are not able to issue a refund. For athletes experiencing injuries, please email us directly and we can find something to work around your injury, or modify your program for when you are cleared by a physician to pursue strength training. For this, we must receive both a note from a physician on your initial injury, as well as a clearance note.

    Before purchasing, please view our Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnification Agreement.